Finals Official Smogon Tournament XIX - Finals [Won by Vert]

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Grats Vert, you are one of the few that not only understood, but mastered this crazy new metagame. Your posts in metagame discussions might have a bit of an aggressive tone, but you're literally teaching the entire website how to play this shit at this point. Very deserving trophy.
won ggs
game 1 / game 2 / game 3

much love to njnp for being my primary consultant this entire tournament. if i don't use one of your teams itself, i take heavy inspiration from your builds. they always put a W on the spreadsheet. i take pride in giving you this shoutout and calling you my friend. thank you so much for your help and congratz on your council seat. well deserved :]
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thank you to all my friends in phantom troupe for moral support & sporadic test games clean devin fakenagol Mimikyu Stardust ojr Empo IPF blarghlfarghl ... sorry if i missed anyone, too many people. goated server tbh, swear a lot of these smogon circlejerk servers have fallen off and have become a farm full of pedos, doxxers, and hate speech. this is def. a respectable community

Will of Fire Leo for inviting me to help with the tyrants. i joined this site in 2013 and have been a ladder player ever since. being involved with y'all allowed me to learn the ins and outs of preparing for tournaments

shoutouts Storm Zone for ideas as well, even though a lot of your teams are crackhead shit kek

and lastly i'd like to thank the TD's for hosting and Hiro for analytics
overall i think SV is a great metagame. i don't understand the controversy around tera; there is a lot of strategic depth to the mechanic. a lot of tera's "uncompetitive interactions" stem from how broken shed tail is because having to break a substitute through a potential type change is infuriating (as you can see in that game 3). so just delete shed tail. i wouldn't touch anything else

thank you for reading. god is great ~!
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First, I wanna say Gg to everyone.
This tournament was great and I had a lot of fun.

This SV OU metagame pushed me to vary my playstyle and made me evolve a lot, even if I could have made better team choices in the very end.

I'll adress special thanks to Herv , KSr , DonSalvatore and Quartosa for supporting me throughout the tournament while I wasn't the favorite, and general helping.

I'm proud I went this far in the tournament, it was the first time I tried to focus with serious dedication to it, but none of this would have been possible without ironwater who allowed me to continue on my way while I wanted to namechange.

I have no regrets about what I played and how I played, it's how the game is and it somehow had to be the destiny.

Regarding the current state of the Metagame, I'd really wish Shed Tail to get banned, Vert explained well the problems related to it and Terastallization.

Pokemons such as Energy Booster Roaring Moon or Volcarona coupled with Shed Tail forces too much running dedicated counters to avoid getting swept and is not something I feel interesting to play around.

Terastallization in its current state is fine to deal with and allows creativity in TeamBuilding :
However, I would like to experiment a Metagame where Tera Types are shown in Preview to delete the "Randomly Surprising" effect it can have in games.

That being said I'll continue my journey and will get you, OST, next time !
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